The Benefits Of Insulated Windows

If we talk about the benefits of window insulation, we must first say that there is a unit called “R-value” that is used to measure the efficiency of the insulation: a higher R value represents a greater thermal resistance. For example, a single-pane window has a value of about R-1. Additional glass panes will increase […]

American Custom Contractors joins Habitat for Humanity

Metro Maryland in recognizing and identifying the importance of providing strength, stability, and self-reliance through shelter.  Supporting Habitat for Humanity’s 2019 Women Build Project, American Custom Contractors joined as an in-kind donor by providing the material and labor necessary to build roofs for two single family units. The first home is located on Jost Street […]

How to Remove Holiday Decorations Safely

What Is the Safest Way to Remove Christmas Decorations from A Roof?

Trimming the trees and decking the halls makes the holiday season festive. But now that Christmas and New Year’s Eve are behind us, it’s time to start packing up the twinkly lights and gingerbread men until next year. It might be tempting to rush through your holiday decoration removal process and just get it out […]

5 Benefits of Energy Efficient Windows

Did you know that new windows can actually save you money? This might seem counterintuitive at first, because replacing your windows can be expensive. But when you upgrade to energy efficient windows, you are making an investment that can save you money and improve your home comfort in the long run. At American Custom Contractors, […]

7 Reasons to Love a Screened Porch

There’s nothing better than sipping an ice cold beverage while you kick back and relax in your favorite chair on the porch. But rain and bugs can ruin the experience pretty quickly and send you hurrying back inside. With a screened porch, you don’t have to sacrifice comfort to enjoy the lovely views and fresh […]

Will an Insurance Claim Increase My Premium?

Natural disasters can pose a serious financial threat for homeowners in Maryland, Virginia, and Washington D.C., with snow, wind, ice, and hail storms as some of the biggest causes for concern. When disaster strikes and harsh, East Coast storms wreak havoc on homes throughout the area, owners are often left wondering how to react. Will […]

Why Spring is the Best Time to Replace Your Windows

When is the best time to replace home windows? If you’re wondering over this question, then this article is for you! With spring approaching, there’s no time like the present. Window replacements in the winter and summer are possible when done professionally, however extreme temperatures can make things more complicated, and you’re at risk of […]

What are Soffit & Fascia and Why Should I Care?

In the grand scheme of home remodeling, fascia and soffit tend to fly under the radar. Many homeowners overlook the importance of considering soffit options because they’re preoccupied with bigger-ticket items such as siding and shingles. Unfortunately, failing to invest in quality soffit and fascia could cost you big time in the long run, given […]

How to Pick the Perfect Siding for your Home

Just because you know it’s time to replace your siding doesn’t mean you know what you should replace it with! Decades ago, there were only one or two options, but today there are what seems like countless options, especially when you consider material, color, and style!At American Custom Contractors, our siding installation contractor only offers […]

Are Metal Roofs Worth the Cost?

Are you considering booking a metal roof installation, but you’re unsure of whether it’s worth the cost? When it comes to metal roofing, cost can certainly be a deterrent for many homeowners — it’s seen as a premium roofing material, and the price reflects that.So, is it worth it to pay the price and call […]