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7 Reasons to Love a Screened Porch

There’s nothing better than sipping an ice cold beverage while you kick back and relax in your favorite chair on the porch. But rain and bugs can ruin the experience pretty quickly and send you hurrying back inside. With a screened porch, you don’t have to sacrifice comfort to enjoy the lovely views and fresh air outdoors.

7 Reasons to Love a Screened Porch

At American Custom Contractors, we love to help our customers discover new ways to make their home exteriors more beautiful and more functional. Here are even reasons to love a screened porch.

1. They keep out bugs.

You can’t dig in to a tasty meal or settle down for a nice afternoon nap with bugs buzzing around your face! A screened porch will prevent bugs from flying all over the place and disrupting meals and quality time with loved ones.

2. They keep out rain.

If you love to watch and listen to the rain while you read or sip a warm drink from a mug, a screened porch will be  perfect fit for you. Enjoy the sensations of rain without getting drenched or ruining any furniture.

3. They are perfect for parties.

Enjoy warm weather and more space for your guests outdoors, but with cool shade and no bugs for eating meals or sitting and talking. Screened porches provide a perfect space for entertaining larger groups.

4. They are perfect for pets.

Let your furry friends lounge in the sun, but with the comfort of a ceiling fan not too far away. Screened porches can serve as a transitional space that keeps pet hair and muddy paws away from your indoor furniture and fabrics, but allow your pets to enjoy indoor comforts.

5. You can decorate creatively.

Since screened porches are indoors and outdoors simultaneously, you can mix and match outdoor furniture with indoor pieces. This unique space can take on any form or style without any set rules. You can use a screened porch to host supplies and work stations for your favorite hobby, turn it into a second living room for more seating, or set up a larger dining area to accommodate more guests.

6. They expand your living space.

Moving to a larger home or adding on an extra room can be extremely expensive. Installing a screened porch lets you increase space in your home cost-effectively.

7. They add value to your home.

If you decide to sell your home later, a screened porch can be a major asset. Prospective buyers can imagine their own families enjoying the space, and it can give your property an advantage that competitors would not have. Screened porches can add curb appeal and can seem more aesthetically pleasing from the inside too. If families can imagine all of the potential purposes and possibilities for the space, they will be more eager to put down an offer on your home.

There are dozens of reasons to love a screened porch in every season! If you are planning on making upgrades to your home, consider the possibilities that come with a screened porch.

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