Is There Really Such a Thing as Weatherproof Siding?

When you’re buying siding, you have to consider the benefits that each different type of siding has to offer, before you think about spending your money on it. Siding comes in many shapes and colors, and you’ll find that, in an area fraught with storms and precipitation, weatherproof siding products can be extremely important to […]

How to Tell If Your Windows Have Leaks and What to Do About It?

Even the newest and most well-designed windows can have leaks. If you thought that installing brand new windows might save you from the need to repair them for at least a few years, then you might want to double check the manufacturer’s data and make sure the contractor you hired actually did a good job. […]

Spring Maintenance Tips to Consider for Your Commercial Roofing System

Just like residential roofs, commercial roofing systems also require frequent maintenance. If you’re truly interested in making sure your commercial roof continues to operate in the best possible way, then you have to make following this list of tips your main priority:   Make sure your commercial roof is clean. Checking on your roof and […]