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Is There Really Such a Thing as Weatherproof Siding?

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When you’re buying siding, you have to consider the benefits that each different type of siding has to offer, before you think about spending your money on it. Siding comes in many shapes and colors, and you’ll find that, in an area fraught with storms and precipitation, weatherproof siding products can be extremely important to find.

Weatherproof siding simply refers to types of siding that are designed to fend off precipitation, withstand UV radiation from the sun and be resilient enough to not allow fires, hail and other stressors to affect your home or building. These types of siding are typically made from highly durable materials that can handle one or more of these natural elements, even if not all of them.

Vinyl, for instance, can be a great insulator against water, but it doesn’t help too much in a fire or during a stronger hailstorm. Metal siding can be a much better choice, although it’s still not impervious, and should the coating wear off, it could rust and degrade pretty quickly.

The best type of weatherproof siding is fiber cement. This type of siding is solid, durable, fire-resistant and able to fend off the elements quite well. Moreover, you only have to ask your contractor, and they will provide you with a pretty sweet deal on some of the best fiber cement siding in your area.  Get in touch with a licensed Ellicot City roofing specialist to find out all  your siding options.

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