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Tornado Season Is Over, What To Check For Before Winter Takes Hold

Home Winter Maintenance Northern Virginia Roofing

The end of the tornado season and the arrival of the cold season are the best reasons why you must do a thorough checkup of your home, just to make sure that it is ready to protect you properly during the winter.

Check the thermal insulation

Inspect your windows and doors and, if they do not close tightly, replace the locks and insulate them as much as possible using sealing strips or other handy solutions. It is not a bad idea to plan a project to replace old doors and windows with some energy efficient ones.

Check the roof

The roof is your home`s first line of defense against the elements and it is essential to determine whether it needs repairs in order to solve any existing or potential problems that may worsen during the winter. You do not want to experience roof leaks in the middle of the cold season that would require you to climb on the roof when it is frozen or slippery. Also, make sure to clean the gutters and downspouts, to prepare them for the upcoming blizzards and snow.

Inspect the trees near the house

If you notice that they have dry branches, cut them in time to remove the danger of them falling over the house, during the first winter storm. If you cannot do this, roofing staff that can assess and resolve such situations without risk.

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