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How to Choose the Best Siding Color for Your Home

Do you have plans to update your siding this year? Get creative with your colors!

In addition to being more durable and energy efficient than ever, vinyl siding comes in a multitude of different hues. Sometimes choosing the perfect color combo for your home can feel intimidating. But never fear, your friends at American Custom Contractors are here.

How to Pick the Perfect Siding for your Home

Here is our guide on how to choose the best siding color for your home. Follow these steps and you’ll have the home upgrade of your dreams!

1. Look around online.

If you don’t have a clear direction in mind for your new siding color, sometimes it can help to draw inspiration from pre-existing examples. Check out some pictures of different siding colors and styles online and see if any of them spark your imagination.

2. Look around the neighborhood.

A picture might be worth 1,000 words, but it doesn’t always tell the whole story. A particular color on a beach house in sunny California will look very different covered in snow during Maryland winters. Scope out some siding colors around your neighborhood and see what they look like in the same climate and landscape as your own home.

3. Take cues from your architecture style.

The shape and lines of your home can often help you narrow down siding colors to a palette that complements the style. For example, Colonial era homes are normally bright white, while Tuscan-style homes tend to lend themselves to warmer hues. Victorian era homes or Craftsman style homes can pull off a wide variety of playful shades.

While considering your architecture can help point you in the right direction, don’t limit yourself to a particular style. Unleash your creativity and choose the color you really love, because you will thank yourself later.

4. Consider your roof color.

Even if you fall in love with a siding color when you see a sample, don’t settle on it until you have compared it to the color of your roof. If your siding clashes with your cedar shakes or blends in with your asphalt shingles, you might regret it when the job is done.

5. Consider your landscaping.

If your front yard has lots of huge trees that cast shadows across your home, your siding color will look totally different from your neighbor with a wide open flat front lawn facing directly into the sun. Factor in your landscaping when you are considering different color samples.

6. Choose between light or dark hues.

Using the tips above, narrow down your color palette to light or dark tones. Do you want an all-white façade with dark pops of color on your shutters? Do you want a bright, cheerful color with traditional white trim? Or do you want a darker color to stand out against the backdrop of your yard? Discerning between these color categories can help narrow your available selection of colors.

7. Sample some paint swatches.

Once you know whether you want to go for light or dark tones, dab some paint on your old siding in each shade and observe how it compliments your home throughout the day. Make sure this is one of the final steps of your selection process so that the paint splotches will soon be removed with your old siding once your project begins.

8. Claim your color.

Once you have brainstormed, researched, sampled, and finally selected your color, feel confident in your choice. Your home should be an expression of your unique style. Own your new siding color with pride!

Still wondering how to choose the best siding color for your home? Our team can help!

At American Custom Contractors, we understand that new siding is a big investment and a big decision. When you decide to upgrade your siding, we will send out one of our expert project consultants to your home. Our team will assess your needs based on your goals, budget, and schedule and help advise your siding decisions.

Do you need to spruce up the siding on your Maryland, Virginia, or Washington D.C. home this spring? Our team at American Custom Contractors can help! Give us a call at (301) 327-2013.

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