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How To Tell If Your Roof Shingles Are Damaged

Roofing Roof Shingles Damaged

Roof shingles represent the visible part of the roof and can be made of different material – ceramic, asphalt, concrete, metal etc. A roof that is in good shape first and foremost looks good. This affirmation may sound simplistic, but actually any homeowner who is not good at Northern Virginia roofing and knows pretty much nothing about it, simply keeps an eye on their roof and evaluate it visually, from the ground. In some cases, this evaluation is enough to spot some problems: the roof looks worn out, there are signs of mold and algae formation on ceramic shingles, maybe also some vegetation growth, metallic shingles look curled, there are shingles missing from the roof etc.

These as well as other defects that may occur at the level of the shingles, and which may be less visible, may cause other defects that affect the indoor comfort.

Damaged roof shingles can also produce water infiltrations especially at the upper level of the house, moisture and condensation leading to the appearance of mold and mildew, weakening the structure of the roof, poor thermal insulation and waterproofing etc. All these problems, even when they are not visible, can be perceived because they negatively affect the indoor comfort and you will pay more for the energy consumption.

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