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What are Snow Guards?

Multicolor natural slate tiles on a roof with copper snow guards

Living in the DMV (District of Columbia, Maryland, Virginia) area means dealing with various weather conditions throughout the year. Winters here often bring heavy wet snowfall that can accumulate on roofs and pose potential hazards. Snow guards play a crucial role in preventing accidents and protecting your property below, we will explore how.

Protecting Against Roof Avalanches

One of the primary purposes of snow guards is to prevent roof snow avalanches. The DMV region can experience significant snowfall, which can create an enormous amount of weight on the roof. As snow builds up, it can become unstable and slide off as a dangerous avalanche, posing risks to people, property, and nearby structures. When installed properly guards are strategically placed on roofs to halt the snow’s movement and allow it to melt or gradually fall off in smaller, manageable quantities, reducing the chances of roof avalanches.

Preventing Structural Damage

Excessive heavy snow accumulation on roofs can cause severe structural damage. The weight of the snow adds pressure to the roof structure, which can lead to sagging, bending, or even collapsing in extreme cases. These guards act as a barrier, evenly distributing the weight of the snow across the roof, reducing stress on any given section, and preventing structural damage. By ensuring the snow remains in place or melts gradually, they help maintain the structural integrity of the roof and enhance its longevity.

Safety for Pedestrians and Vehicles

Roof avalanches not only pose a danger to buildings themselves but also to pedestrians and vehicles below. Imagine walking past a building when suddenly a massive amount of snow comes crashing down. It can lead to serious injuries or accidents. Snow guards act as a protective measure, preventing sudden snow slides and ensuring the safety of passersby as well as nearby parked or moving vehicles. By keeping the snow in place, snow guards minimize the risk of unexpected and hazardous situations.

Preserving Landscaping and Property

Snow sliding off a roof can damage landscaping, including flowerbeds, shrubs, small trees, or even outdoor structures. Additionally, it can cause deterioration of siding, windows, gutters, and other exterior features. Snow guards help preserve your property by keeping the snow away from these vulnerable areas. They make it easier to control where the snow goes and minimize potential damage to landscaping or structures surrounding your home. By redirecting the snow’s path, snow guards help protect the investment you’ve made in your property.

In regions like the DMV area, snow guards on roofs play a vital role in safeguarding properties, pedestrians, and vehicles from the potential dangers associated with heavy snowfall. Snow guards are an essential addition to buildings in this region. If you reside in the DMV area, considering the installation of snow guards is a wise decision to protect your home and those around you during the winter months.

Stay safe!

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