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How Winter Storms Can Be Destructive To An Older Home

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Houses built today must comply with strict safety and health codes. On the other hand, old houses, although they have a lot of charm and character, are much more prone to safety issues – which may range from old and fragile roofs to problems related to the electrical installation, or poor staircases.

Hazards related to winter storms are typically generated by strong winds and heavy precipitation, which, in winter, comes in the form of snow, blizzard and hail.

Strong winds are part of the category of spontaneous phenomena and may cause great material losses, increasing the impact on air conductors, tall buildings, raising dust and snow, worsening visibility and affecting roofs, windows and buildings facades in general, and cause a need for Gaithersburg roof repair immediately.

Another potential problem that can make an old house unsafe is improper electrical installation. While such an installation has certainly done its job in the past, now the demand for electricity for a home is significantly higher. This pressure, combined with a winter storm with electric discharges, can cause fires of electrical origin. Statistics show that electric fires occur 3 times more often in homes that are older than 40 years, compared to homes that are up to 20 years old.

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