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5 Tips to Fireproof Your Roof

A picture of a roof with a gray cedar shake synthetic roofing system. Brava synthetic roof tiles hold a Class A or Class C Fire rating.

October is National Fire Safety Month! We want to participate in bringing awareness to fire safety at home.

At  American Custom Contractors, we consider customer safety and satisfaction to be our highest priorities. Here are 5 tips to fireproof your roof from our team of roofing professionals.

1. Check the fire ratings on your roofing materials.

The International Business Code requires fireproof materials for roofing in areas where the risk of fire is especially high. There are three categories that indicate how effectively a building material can prevent fire from spreading: Class A, B, and C. Class A roofing materials are the most fire resistant and are capable of enduring severe exposure to outdoor fires. Class B materials are moderately fire resistant. Class C materials are minimally fire resistant.

If you are building a new home or replacing the roof on your existing home, factor fire resistance into your decisions about roofing material.

2. Cut away branches and leaves hanging near your roof.

A little bit of pruning can protect your house from fire. Dry branches and vegetation near your roof can create a perfect pathway for fire to spread into your home.

3. Clean dirt and debris out of your gutters.

Leaves and branches clogging up your gutters can also become fuel for stray embers. Cleaning your gutters regularly ensures your roof is less affected by these highly combustible materials. Needs some tips for cleaning your gutters? Check out our blog post.

4. Create a reduced fuel zone around your home.

Your home and 100-200 feet of space surrounding it make up the “home ignition zone” with the greatest risk of spreading fire. One of the most effective ways to prevent a house fire is to reduce available fuel in this space around your house. Space out plants in your landscaping and keep everything well-trimmed to slow wildfires in their tracks.

5. Inspect for signs of aging or damage regularly.

Your roof won’t last forever. But some aging materials have bigger implications for fireproofing than others. Make sure to repair any cracks in your asphalt or tile shingles so that stray embers won’t be able to blow into your attic. Watch for signs of weathering on wood shingles that can make them less fire resistant over time.

After major storms, call a professional for a roof inspection. Roofers will be able to detect damage and repair it right away to help you save money in the long run.

We hope these tips help you stay safe and fireproof your roof!

This October, participate in National Fire Safety Month with us by trimming your trees and cleaning your gutters. If you need to repair roof damage or upgrade to a more fire-resistant roof, give us a call at American Custom Contractors! We are ready to serve you.

Do you need roof repairs or replacement for your Maryland, Virginia, or Washington D.C. home? Our team at American Custom Contractors can help! Give us a call at (301) 417-1000.

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