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Choosing Materials & Colors for Your New Roof

The roof of your house must fulfill several functions. First of all, it provides protection and a finished aspect, which is why it has to deal with the insulating requirements. On the other hand, it must integrate as harmoniously as possible in the aesthetics of your property and provide added value. Numerous new roofing materials […]

How Installing a Brand New Roof Can Add Value to Your Home

Whether you want to sell your home or make sure that your children and grandchildren will have a beautiful and valuable place to live in during the following years, adding a new roof that’s built to last is one of the main ways to make your home stand out and to increase its overall value. […]

How Can You Identify Where Your Roof Is Leaking?

If you want your home to continue operating within the ideal standards, it’s important to know how you can take care of leaks and even take the initiative in preventing and identifying them. Roof leaks can be tracked down in a variety of ways. The most straightforward one is to go straight to the source. […]

How to Tell If Your Windows Have Leaks and What to Do About It?

Even the newest and most well-designed windows can have leaks. If you thought that installing brand new windows might save you from the need to repair them for at least a few years, then you might want to double check the manufacturer’s data and make sure the contractor you hired actually did a good job. […]

Spring Maintenance Tips to Consider for Your Commercial Roofing System

Just like residential roofs, commercial roofing systems also require frequent maintenance. If you’re truly interested in making sure your commercial roof continues to operate in the best possible way, then you have to make following this list of tips your main priority:   Make sure your commercial roof is clean. Checking on your roof and […]

Who Should You Call When Your Commercial Roof Has a Leak?

Calling in the pros can be great when your commercial roof has a leak. However, you have to know which pros to call. The main issue is that, like residential roofing contractors, commercial contractors don’t all have the same skills, and you need someone with the specific abilities and knowledge to deal with your problem […]

How Do You Choose the Right Type of Commercial Roof for Your Building?

Commercial roofing is a complex topic that many building owners have to understand before they can make an informed choice on their roofing. If you want your roof to withstand the test of time and protect your building without needing much in the way of maintenance and repairs, then finding the right type of commercial […]

The Benefits Of Cedar Roofing

Cedar is one of the most common roofing materials and it is used for residential and commercial buildings alike. This flexibility makes cedar a great choice for your home. Apart from the cedar roof’s beauty and excellent durability, there are also other advantages that make it one of the best choices for roofs. Did you […]

When To Call Your Insurance Company About Roofing Problems

If you experience roof damage and you carry insurance, the first thing you may have in mind is calling your insurer. However, you should at least consider that this may not be the best idea. And that the best idea is to call a Potomac roofing contractor first. No, not for repairs yet, but for […]