How Can You Accurately Estimate How Much Your New Roof Will Cost?

Roofing costs might seem straightforward at first. However, each roof is different, and each roofing contractor will charge differently even for similar roofing jobs and projects. Depending on the type of material you want, however, it’s still pretty easy to calculate your costs at a fair level of accuracy, as long as you have some […]

Can You Repair Your Own Roof or Should You Hire a Professional?

Fixing your own roof might look like a good option, especially if you have money problems and you can’t afford hiring an expensive roofer. Getting an inexperienced, cheaper roofing contractor to repair your roof might be even worse than managing the work yourself, and some storm chasers who claim they have the lowest prices could […]

General Contractor vs. Roofer – Which One Should You Consider Hiring?

  When you need some repairs for your roof, or you’re thinking of replacing your roof entirely with a brand new one, the option of hiring a general contractor is a very enticing one. Depending on the job, it might work just as well as when you hire a professional roofer, but that is not […]