Choosing Materials & Colors for Your New Roof

The roof of your house must fulfill several functions. First of all, it provides protection and a finished aspect, which is why it has to deal with the insulating requirements. On the other hand, it must integrate as harmoniously as possible in the aesthetics of your property and provide added value. Numerous new roofing materials […]

What Style of Window Should You Choose for Your Window Replacement

When it comes about choosing the windows that complete the aspect of your home and provide the level of protection you need, you will have to keep in mind a few important aspects. The selection process is not a very easy one, but if you pay attention to a few essential things, you can definitely […]

Trends in Siding for 2020

  If the exposure to weather over the years has taken its toll on the appearance of your house and now you plan a new exterior look, pay attention to these trends in siding for 2020. Colors It seems that the trend of the past years consisting of using light colors for siding has come […]

How to Inspect Your Siding for Storm Damage

Storm damage may occur at different levels and affect a building in different ways. When a storm passes, it is essential to evaluate your property and catch issues immediately after they arise, to avoid extensive damage and high repair costs in the future. Together with the roof, siding is the most exposed exterior element of […]