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  • What are Soffit & Fascia and Why Should I Care?


  • What are Soffit & Fascia and Why Should I Care?

    March 21, 2018

    In the grand scheme of home remodeling, fascia and soffit tend to fly under the radar. Many homeowners overlook the importance of considering soffit options because they’re preoccupied with bigger-ticket items such as siding and shingles. Unfortunately, failing to invest in quality soffit and fascia could cost you big time in the long run, given that these elements both protect your home from water damage, decay, and pests.

    But what exactly are fascia and soffit, and how do these components protect your home? The experienced soffit and fascia contractors at American Custom Contractors are here to help!

    The Role Fascia and Soffit Play in Protecting your D.C. Home

    Let’s begin with a general overview of fascia and soffit. Fascia boards are siding pieces that run along the edges of your roofline (perpendicular to the ground). Fascia boards play a role in supporting your eaves, and therefore are paramount in protecting your home against water damage.

    Different types of soffit, on the other hand, cover the area under the overhanging section of your roof and sit parallel to the ground. The underside of your roof is a perfect place for bees, birds, and raccoons to nest, so investigating different soffit options is very important when protecting your home against unwanted visitors.

    In all, fascia and soffit work together to create a seal that protects the underside of your roof, and by extension your home against water, dust, and pest damage. But which different types of soffit are there?

    Our soffit and fascia contractors install the following different types of soffit in all VA, D.C. and MD homes:

    • UPVC: these soffit options are energy efficient, long lasting, and virtually maintenance free!
    • Vinyl: Vinyl soffit options are rot-resistant, waterproof, and cost efficient!

    If you have any more questions about installing fascia and soffit, call the customer-centered contractors at American Custom Contractors! We’ll book you a free in-home estimate that goes over our range of soffit options, and we’ll ensure we find the perfect solution to protect and beautify your Maryland, Virginia, or Washington D.C. home!