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Trends in Siding for 2020

Popular Trends Potomac Siding Roofing Exteriors


If the exposure to weather over the years has taken its toll on the appearance of your house and now you plan a new exterior look, pay attention to these trends in siding for 2020.


It seems that the trend of the past years consisting of using light colors for siding has come to an end, because this year it is all about darker colors, or rather darker saturations of colors, such as deep greys, deep ocean blue and dark green. Going all in with dark on dark is also an option that replaces light and dark contrasts.


2020 seems to be about mixing and matching different siding materials. People prefer mixing different textures and styles (wood and stones, smooth and textured, vertical and horizontal etc.) instead of committing to one homogenous style. Naturally, this trend is a bit more challenging and requires professional assistance in order to avoid mistakes that would affect the visual aspect of your home. Durability is another key word when it comes to siding preferences for 2020.


People become more environmentally conscious by the day, placing more and more importance on energy efficiency, including for their siding projects, so there is an emphasis on green, recyclable and locally sourced materials.

The local Potomac roofing experts can provide product information and the newest trends of 2020, to help you make decision on which products are best for your home exterior.



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