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  • 3 Flowers for Spring Landscaping


  • 3 Flowers for Spring Landscaping

    March 7, 2019

    flowers for spring landscaping

    Spring has almost sprung, and soon the world will be in bloom. Don’t let your front yard miss out on the action!

    Adding bright, colorful landscaping improves your curb appeal in the spring season. But if the gardening isle at your home improvement store leaves you scratching your head, we’ve got you covered. Here are three flowers for spring landscaping from our team at American Custom Contractors.

    1. Daffodils

    Sunny, yellow daffodils are the perfect remedy to a cold, dark winter. These hardy perennial flowers are planted as bulbs in the fall so that they will bloom in the late winter or early spring.

    Did you miss the memo about planting your daffodils early? No worries. You can buy fully mature daffodils at your local home improvement store and transplant them into your own flower bed.

    Make sure to plant daffodils in an area with partial shade and keep them at least three to six inches apart to prevent overcrowding. Always use gloves because daffodil bulbs contain a substance called oxalic acid that can irritate your skin.

    2. Tulips

    Tulips are perhaps some of the most classic flowers for spring landscaping. Their petals come in a wide variety of shapes and colors that you can mix and match to complement your home. They range in height from six inches all the way up to two feet tall.

    Much like daffodils, tulip bulbs are planted while the weather is cold so that they will bloom in the spring. You can find mature tulips in a rich array of colors and add them to pots or beds around your home.

    Loosen the soil with a rake before planting tulips. Plant their base deep into the ground at around eight inches. Water them immediately after you have planted them. Then stand back and admire your work! Your home is ready for the Easter Bunny.

    3. Hyacinths

    Hyacinths have tall, upright stems with clusters of little flowers all over the top. Their unique shape and style easily add an extra layer of dimension to your garden. Hyacinths can be pink, blue, purple, or white and they are very fragrant.

    While hyacinth bulbs are traditionally planted directly into the ground, they can also thrive in smaller containers. Hyacinths tend to look best grouped tightly together in the same color.

    Wear gloves when you handle hyacinth bulbs: they produce the same irritating substance as daffodils. Plant them about four inches deep and three inches apart. Keep them in partial shade, and keep their soil well-drained.

    Have you found the perfect flowers for spring landscaping? Spruce up your home too!

    We hope these flower suggestions help you cultivate the garden of your dreams.

    Once you have created the perfect spring flower bed, you won’t want your siding to be an eyesore. Call American Custom Contractors for more information about siding and windows to keep your home looking fresh!

    Do you want to add new windows or siding to your Maryland, Virginia, or Washington D.C. home this spring? Our team at American Custom Contractors can help! Give us a call at (301) 327-2013.